Facebook: Screw teens, go to where the money is

There’s been much ado about how Facebook will be doomed in 2014, as teens flock to more private, more ephemeral messaging services like Twitter, Kik, and Snapchat.

I think what people are worried about is that teens take that “coolness” factor away from Facebook, and on to Snapchat.

But what if Facebook isn’t going for “cool” anymore? Last year they released Graph Search, which is a way to search among friends using their likes and interests. You can search for, as an example:

  • Friends who like piano
  • Friends who like gin and Muse who went to NYU
  • Bars that friends who like moonshine and live in NY like

I think that  this last one is more in line with what Facebook has in mind for the future of the service. It doesn’t matter if it’s cool, as long as it’s useful. I think Facebook might be aiming at providing news, providing recommendations, providing insight, all sourced from the users.

Build up the utility, the effectiveness, the one-stop-edness of your service, and children 12-19 may not matter.




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