Helping millennials to not hate their jobs

When I was in school (a mere year ago), there were a couple career paths laid out for me: medicine, law, engineering, or consulting. That was it.

It wasn’t that somebody told me that explicitly, and obviously there are PLENTY of other jobs: teaching, “science” (aka research), nursing, IT, and countless others. But it didn’t really occur to me that those were valid career paths, especially with everyone around me talking about MCATs, LSATs, GMATs, BSATs, etc.

And sometimes I feel like—or rather, hope (as morbid as it is, at least I won’t be alone)—that other people my age feel the same.

That there are paths laid out for you, that you don’t deviate from the path, and that if you follow the path it will all turn out okay.

You’ll get your magical 70k. You’ll get a house and a dog and a sensible car. Your kids will go to the school you went to because they’ll be a legacy and you’ll have donated consistently because you followed the path.

That’s why this story about MTV2’s (of all channels) new show, Jobs That Don’t Suck jumped out at me.

  1. Millennials can’t be ignorant of the dismal economy. I think this show will help to provide a roadmap, or at least landmarks, as they try to navigate adult life.
  2. There’s an excess of lawyers. I might argue that there should be fewer “business people” (but that’s only because when one introduces himself as a “six-sigma black belt” I can’t help but hate the system he comes from). You know what we don’t have enough of? Plumbers.

The plumber point is only a half-joke: I’m not saying that people should become plumbers because supply and demand could result in sky-high hourly rates for plumbers. Nor am I saying that BECAUSE professional services are at capacity, you should go do some manual labor.

I think I’m saying that there are choices other than STEM, other than big law, other than Goldman, and if there was ever a time to become more aware of those alternatives, it’s now, especially when plumbing could be quite lucrative.

To sum up, I like educational shows, and I wish we had more of them that didn’t just cover ABCs. Cosmos is good, so is Planet Earth. Good Eats? More like GREAT EATS. I hope that this effort from MTV2 runs more like those shows, and less like Cribs, and hopefully can (here’s some business speak for you) deliver value to other people in my generation.


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