The incredible, evolving hardware device

I read an interesting FastCo article about a new Bluetooth speaker called the Boom Boom. While its shape is plenty weird, the coolest thing about this is that binauric, the company behind the device, plans to pack in hidden hardware (e.g. accelerometer, light sensor, and microphone) and “unlock” these capabilities and functionalities with upcoming OTA updates.

What jumped out at me was the ever-so-slight spin on the marketing, calling it “evolving”.

The longer you own it, the stronger, faster, more unique and specialized your Boom Boom becomes.

In this mindset, you’re not buying an incomplete product, an widespread and damaging perception among video game players. Instead you’re buying a product that will evolve over time. Each update, rather than giving you functionality you already paid for months ago, is instead a new bonus. Extra cherry on top: the longer you have the speaker, the more “evolved” and “advanced” your speaker is compared to, say, those of your friends.

This is a remarkable tactic because not only does it lengthen the lifespan of the product (people will invariably get tired of the speaker, and having occasional, tangible, real updates can help that), it also frees up time on the front-end.

Instead of having to worry about the light sensor interfering with the accelerometer, their engineers can focus on the most important features.


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